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Roles of an Escort

Here at Bur Dubai Escorts, our escorts are attractive, sophisticated, intelligent, and friendly. They are also flirtatious and engaging and very open-minded. For many gentlemen they epitomize everything that makes the perfect woman. We are extended to the need of the customers like you. Know the roles of an Escort and Do whatever you want with the top class model escorts in Dubai and .

The Confidant

Gentlemen, who regularly spend quality time in the company of high class escorts in Dubai, do so for many personal reasons. These reasons might include the need for some intimate female companionship or the requirement for posh wedding, or may be requirement of a plus one guest, for attendance at a corporate business function or gain more attention in a function. The more time a gentleman spends with the same exclusive Bur Dubai escorts the more he will enjoy her company and value her time. It therefore stands to reason that he may start to develop some form of emotional attachment. The listener, or in this case, our Bur Dubai escorts starts to become a “confidante”. “The confidant” is someone who the gentleman trusts and appreciates. They do not have to reciprocate by sharing personal information, and they do not have to give any advice. “The confidant’s” main role is to listen to him and support him with no judgment.

The Analyst

Clients who have unresolved personal issues sometimes expect their escorts to take on the role of “the analyst”. Unlike “the confidant”, “the analyst” listens and understands, and sometimes may even make suggestions. Gentlemen who spend time with our premium escorts services in Dubai, as a means of escape from their hectic and challenging lives, sometimes wish to explore a new side of their personality and sexuality. However, these gentlemen often do not have anyone they can openly discuss such matters with. For them Bur Dubai Escorts is the best that offers them various premium escorts services in Dubai

The Personal Adviser

If a gentleman who regularly makes appointments with the same escort may ask her advice about things that are personal to him. Fashion makeover advice, what to buy his wife or girlfriend for her birthday, or anything related to luxury, taste and other areas of interest. He values her input because he knows she has exclusive taste and has good fashion sense and knowledge. His exclusive Bur Dubai escorts companion is his go to girl whenever he needs advice.